How Cable Gives Back

Cable’s reach goes far beyond the majority of industries in America. There are few industries that impact and connect so many people in the wide range of economic, age, and gender demographics than cable does. It only makes sense then for cable to use that influence to give back to the communities that helped it grow.

Cable Impacts, the foundation formed by NCTA to underscore cable’s social responsibility, is taking strides to ensure that cable’s resources are leveraged into local communities, especially those that need them the most. One of Cable Impact’s goals is to highlight the many partnerships cable has formed with local community-based organizations that help bring broadband to underprivileged communities. These partnerships give low-income groups the chance to participate in the 21st century digital platform where all of the news and information of today lives and churns. This webpage showcases the array of corporate responsibility initiatives offered by cable operators that provide broadband accessibility and digital literacy services options in a variety of communities across the country.

Also focusing on 21st century needs and building on cable’s history of providing needed resources for schools and educators, Cable Impacts  recently worked in partnership to develop  Building Your Roadmap to 21st Century Learning Environments.  This strategic guide for education leaders aims to help them transform schools into modern learning environments and into places where they can derive the most value from their investments in high-speed broadband and digital content. Ultimately it helps schools meet the challenge of preparing students for our rapidly changing world.

But Cable Impacts also goes outside of the school walls and into homes where parents and caregivers need help managing their children’s interactions with media. This is where Cable Impact’s dedication to parental controls comes in. is a site that was launched by the foundation last year. Parents can use the portal to understand and use cable’s parental controls in both the TV and Internet environments, and they can also find tips and strategies on engaging their children around important discussions on media literacy and digital citizenship.

Cable Impacts has also been working with the Advisory Task Force on Military Veteran Talent in Media Industry as it works to identify opportunities for hiring recent veterans into cable, develops professional development programs and other mechanisms for retaining them, and promotes cable as a “best place to work.”

Broadband adoption, education, professional development for veterans, and parental support are four areas that Cable Impacts is currently channeling time, effort, and energy in order to optimize cable’s power for the betterment of our society. As the foundation continues to grow, so will the enriching experiences of people who are given the 21st century tools to participate as citizens in the digital era.