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Online Parental Controls

One part of an integrated approach to managing a child’s online use is control, specifically the use of parental controls provided by cable companies, and other software designed to limit and guide a child’s online exposure.

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Appropriate and Responsible Online Interactions

Just as we explicitly teach children the proper behavior in “real life” situations, we must help kids learn how to behave appropriately, responsibly, and ethically in a variety of digital spaces: multi-player online games, social networking, etc.

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Cybersecurity and Secure Software

Viruses. Identity Theft. Fraud. These are just a few of the cybersecurity threats in the digital world. We want you to be as safe and secure as possible. Here’s information, resources, and tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance to help you protect yourself in the online world and prevent these threats.

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Media and Information Literacy

Everywhere we turn, from the moment we wake until the moment we go to sleep, we interact with, interpret, and create media. Any piece of media is a representation of reality, yet we rarely pause to question where it comes from and who constructed it – and to evaluate its point.

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Understanding Online Risks and Privacy Protection

Digital technologies amplify the opportunities we have to communicate our thoughts, access information, and express our creativity. These tools can also affect the kinds of risks we face, and the consequences of thoughtless actions. New technologies often give rise to “techno panics” in which the potential dangers are exaggerated or misunderstood, so it’s important to learn about the actual risks and how prevalent they are.

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Online Resources

A number of helpful resources and content related to parental controls.