Take Control of Your Family's TV Experience

It has never been easier to manage which programs and channels are seen on your family’s television.

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You can select one or more channels to block. Once you do, the channel(s) will be blocked at all times unless viewing is authorized by the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you create.


You can select the individual programs you want to block by date, time and channel.

TV Ratings

You can block all programs that have received a certain TV rating(s). Be aware that some programs, such as live sports events, newscasts and public affairs programs have not been assigned ratings.

Moving Ratings

You can block all films that have received a certain movie rating(s). Premium channels like HBO and Showtime air unedited movies that carry the original MPPA movie ratings.

About Titles in Program Guide Listing

Your electronic program guide displays all program titles. Using the parental controls, you can hide titles that are targeted to adult audiences.

Understanding Your Remote Control

Generally, the key to using the parental controls of a digital cable set-top box lie in a familiarity with the cable remote. Visit your cable provider’s website for an overview of your remote, or for information on a Comcast Xfinity remote, visit here.

Here are the general instructions for setting parental controls (click to enlarge):

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