Teaching Kids How to Navigate our Digital World

You hear a lot these days about Generation Z, the kids who were practically born with an iPhone in their hands, and those who can’t fathom why some computers or screens won’t swipe right or respond with the mere touch of their finger. It’s easy to assume that kids these days know technology better than […]

Getting Digital Students Ready for School

As another summer draws to a close, the anticipation of a new school year is starting to build across the country. Back-to-school is a time of new schedules and routines, new classes, new friends and social interaction. This annual period of new beginnings and transitions is the perfect time to reassess how families use TV […]

How Cable Gives Back

Cable’s reach goes far beyond the majority of industries in America. There are few industries that impact and connect so many people in the wide range of economic, age, and gender demographics than cable does. It only makes sense then for cable to use that influence to give back to the communities that helped it […]

Redefining Online Safety

More than two decades have passed since the concept of “online safety” first reached prominence in the national consciousness. Our online behaviors and activities, and those of our children, have changed drastically since then. Today, wireless Internet-enabled devices not only allow children to consume media content while on-the-go, but also provide them with the tools […]